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August 31, 2023

BCP to PAUSE investment in electric cremators at Poole Crematorium

Dear Supporters of Save Poole Crematorium,

We are reaching out with urgent news that pertains to our shared cause. An imminent BCP Council cabinet meeting on September 6th will shape the future of Poole Crematorium's potential investment in electric cremators. This matter strikes at the heart of our community, and we're reminded of the incredible unity and backing you displayed when we championed new cremators for Poole in 2022.

Regrettably, despite previous endorsements and overwhelming public support, a recent recommendation from officials calls for a suspension of investment in the crucial electric cremators at Poole Crematorium. Additionally, an evaluation of the operational model for BCP Bereavement Care Services is on the horizon.

Our Concerns are as follows:

  1. The absence of consultation with the public or funeral directors, denying us a voice.
  2. Lingering doubts about the accuracy and legitimacy of the presented data.
  3. The failure to present alternatives for exploring private investment options.
  4. The team advocating for this investment pause, BCP Bereavement Management, has, in our perspective, previously exhibited ineffective management of the department.

Poole's cherished community and our families deserve better. It's imperative that we have facilities catering to the unique needs of our neighbourhoods, ensuring our loved ones are cared for locally, without subjecting families to additional strain or inconvenience.

We earnestly urge you to make your voice resonate. Contact your local council representatives, amplify this message across your networks, and communicate to the BCP Council that Poole and its surrounding communities fervently advocate for sustained investment in our crematorium. Let's stand together to ensure that decisions affecting our community are marked by transparency and unwavering commitment to our best interests.

For further details about the approaching Cabinet Meeting, kindly click here.

Thank you for standing strong with us.

Warm regards,


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