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August 31, 2022

BCP website petition

We are forever grateful for your support in our fight to Save Poole Crematorium.⁠⁠ Judging by the responses so far, we know that many of you will be writing your own statement to BCP Monitoring Officer, Susan Zeiss. ⁠⁠But the fight does not stop there!

Although over 3,000 of you have signed the petition on the website, there is still a wall of silence from BCP.⁠⁠ Therefore we are sharing this petition which is now live on the BCP Council portal. Please take a look, sign and share if you can.

⁠⁠BCP Council has to follow their own rulebook with this petition.⁠⁠

For 20 – 49 signatures, Response from the relevant director/service head (treated as standard correspondence)

⁠⁠For 50 – 1,999 signatures, Response from the relevant Cabinet member⁠⁠.

For 2,000 + Referred for debate at a meeting of the Full Council.

Click here to sign the BCP petition.

Sign the petition

Please sign this petition and help save Poole Crematorium

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