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February 28, 2022

Save Poole Crematorium. Install a new cremator.

BCP Council has decided not to replace the cremators at Poole Crematorium in the next phase of refurbishment.

Bodies will continue to be shuttled to Bournemouth for cremation.

Mourning relatives don’t like this – they find it upsetting - and want cremations to happen on the site of the committal.

Bournemouth is already the second busiest crematorium in the country and Poole requires its own facility.

Money that BCP Council has earmarked to redecorate and refurbish Poole Crematorium ought instead to be used to fund a new cremator.

The council is intending to spend £559,000 on Phase 1 of the refurbishment – a sum that could buy two new cremators.

Poole Crematorium serves those the across town, throughout the Purbecks and as far away as Blandford and Dorchester – well over 250,000 people.

This ongoing issue confirms that BCP Council is prioritising and focusing on projects and issues that concern Bournemouth.

Please sign this petition and help save Poole Crematorium

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Please sign this petition and help save Poole Crematorium

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