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August 31, 2022

Submit a statement to BCP Council

BCP Council is reviewing the decision on whether to install new cremators at Poole at a Cabinet Meeting to be held on 28th September. We are encouraging as many of you who can, to write a statement in support of new cremators at Poole.

How to submit a statement to BCP Council:

1) Make sure you are a resident, or work in the BCP area

A member of the public who lives or works in the area of the Council may submit a written statement to the Council, Cabinet, Committee or a Sub-Committee of the Council.

2)Submit your statement in plenty of time

A person wishing to make a statement under this protocol shall submit the statement in writing which must be received by the Monitoring Officer or their nominated representative by midday the day before the meeting at which it is to be raised. The person's name and address must be included.

3) No more than 100 words

A statement at Council shall relate to Council business and shall not exceed 100 words in length. At Full Council no member of the public may submit more than four statements in any one Municipal Year.

4) You can attend the meeting to read out your statement

The person making the statement shall normally attend the meeting to read out their statement. However, persons may, if they prefer, ask for an officer of the Council to read out their statement.

5) Keep your statement professional  

If statements are unsuitable in form, frivolous, defamatory, derogatory or relate to a matter which the Council would be likely to consider in the absence of the press and public, the Chair shall have the right to rule the statement out of order.

6) Contrary to Rule 1, you don't have to live or work in the BCP area

In exceptional cases, members of the public who do not live or work in the administrative area of the Council but who are directly affected by a decision or potential decision of the Council can submit a statement in accordance with the above protocol. In such cases, the Monitoring Officer will determine the validity or otherwise of the statement in consultation with the appropriate Chair.

Where to send your statement: Statements should be emailed to the BCP Monitoring Officer, Susan Zeiss:

Sign the petition

Please sign this petition and help save Poole Crematorium

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