Published on
October 6, 2022

What we want to know

We are pleased to hear that the leader of BCP Council has asked for a new report detailing options for the replacement of cremators at Poole to be brought to cabinet in the next six months.

However, we would strongly urge that any new report be independent of BCP Council so everyone can have complete confidence in it.

We want to know:

  1. Why was consultation never sought from the people whom any decision on the future of Poole Crematorium would affect the most. Why were the public and families who use Poole Crematorium ignored during the whole process?

  1. Why, despite a detailed report explaining the situation regarding the cremator equipment at Poole and the need for critical investment being sent to the Executive Director of Corporate Services as far back as October 2017, was there no recommendation to install new cremators in the first instance?

  1. Why, once the decision had been made to proceed with the £559,000.00 improvements to the chapel at Poole was the project never put out to tender, especially as the council cited a lack of funds as a reason for not installing new cremators?

Instead, the work was awarded to the BCP Council’s own construction company Seascape South. Coincidently, one of the Directors of Seascape South was co-author of the report recommending that funds be spent on the refurbishment of Poole Chapel rather than installing new cremators.

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